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Pulse Films' Atomic Bazaar Set to Captivate Audiences with Moroccan Backdrop

Saturday 18 May 2024 - 11:50
Pulse Films' Atomic Bazaar Set to Captivate Audiences with Moroccan Backdrop

In a testament to Morocco's enduring allure as a cinematic destination, Pulse Films' highly anticipated scripted TV drama, "Atomic Bazaar," is set to commence filming in the North African nation this month for Sky. Based on Vanity Fair journalist William Langewiesche's captivating book of the same name, the series promises to transport viewers into the perilous world of nuclear trafficking, where the stakes are as high as the drama.

Scripted by the talented Gregory Burke and co-developed and co-financed by First Look Media's Topic Studios, "Atomic Bazaar" boasts an impressive cast led by Alfie Allen (SAS: Rogue Heroes, Game of Thrones), Shazad Latif (Star Trek: Discovery, What's Love Got To Do With It), and Samira Wiley (The Handmaid's Tale, Orange is the New Black).

The gripping narrative follows the unlikely alliance of Max and Mohammed, two individuals unexpectedly swept into a cartel's sinister plot to transport uranium across the vast expanse of North Africa. As they grapple with a monumental decision, save themselves or risk everything to prevent a nuclear bomb from falling into the wrong hands, audiences can expect a riveting exploration of the complex and treacherous terrain of global power dynamics.

In a recent interview with Variety, Lucas Ochoa, one of the executive producers, shed light on the series' global ambitions, stating, "We felt that Atomic Bazaar was a relevant story for the age we live in. Now more than ever, there is a kind of emerging reality that the world is a fantastically complex and dangerous place, and there are global actors not limited by a border or international law."

Directed by Shariff Korver and executive produced by Thomas Benski, Lucas Ochoa, Michael Bloom, and Adam Pincus, "Atomic Bazaar" has already garnered widespread acclaim as a dynamic and highly entertaining action-packed adventure series.

Morocco's diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry have long captivated filmmakers from around the globe, solidifying its status as a premier filming destination. From the sweeping desert vistas that provided the backdrop for cinematic masterpieces like "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Gladiator" to the vibrant cities that have graced countless productions, Morocco's allure continues to beckon storytellers seeking to capture the essence of the extraordinary.

As "Atomic Bazaar" unfolds against the backdrop of Morocco's stunning locales, audiences can anticipate an immersive and thrilling cinematic experience that not only entertains but also sheds light on the complexities of our modern world.

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