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INNOVX Makes Waves with Launch of Groundbreaking Green Energy Subsidiary

Wednesday 28 February 2024 - 07:37
INNOVX Makes Waves with Launch of Groundbreaking Green Energy Subsidiary

Casablanca, Morocco - February 27, 2024 - INNOVX, the pioneering technology firm affiliated with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), has announced the launch of an ambitious new venture focused on harnessing the power of green hydrogen and green ammonia.  

Dubbed Hydrojeel, the innovative subsidiary aims to position Morocco - and the MENA region - at the forefront of the emerging green energy sector. Under the leadership of CEO Amine HOUSSAIM, Hydrojeel will develop proprietary technologies, lead large-scale industrial projects, and help establish Morocco's green hydrogen and ammonia ecosystem - all with the goal of driving sustainable growth nationally and globally.

According to INNOVX's visionary leadership, Hydrojeel's inception represents a "pivotal milestone" in addressing the climate crisis through technological solutions. The subsidiary will immediately set to work on INNOVX's "Green Ammonia Program" in partnership with OCP Group, investing heavily in long-term green hydrogen production capacity and sustainability-focused fertilizer. 

INNOVX CEO Youssef El Bari welcomed the launch, stating: "With Hydrojeel, we are pioneering the industries of tomorrow and cementing Morocco's place at their forefront. This bold new venture exemplifies INNOVX's commitment to global sustainability through cutting-edge innovation."

As the first player of its kind in Morocco to specialize in green hydrogen and ammonia, Hydrojeel is poised to make big waves. Under INNOVX's guidance, it aims to revolutionize the renewables sector while generating substantial socioeconomic benefits for Morocco and the world.

For further information, visit the website: Innovx.ma

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