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Hlib Bladi: Centrale Danone's Bold Investment in the Future of Moroccan Dairy Farming

Wednesday 24 April 2024 - 13:44

Under the springtime sun in Meknes, at the heart of the International Agriculture Fair of Morocco (SIAM), Centrale Danone unveiled its ambitious new program, "Hlib Bladi," on April 24. More than a simple project, Hlib Bladi represents a bold bet on the future of Moroccan agriculture, particularly the dairy farming sector.

In a challenging economic and climatic environment, Centrale Danone has pledged to support Morocco's small dairy farmers. The agri-food company, dedicated to promoting sustainable and inclusive agriculture, launched this program to help modernize practices for these key players in the food supply chain.

Three Pillars for Sustainable Agriculture

Hlib Bladi is built on three pillars aimed at improving farmers' living conditions, boosting their productivity, and protecting the environment.

The first pillar, the social one, focuses on strengthening farmers' skills. More than 2,000 farmers have already benefited from over 30 days of training, equipping them with new skills in dairy farm management, optimizing yields, and helping them navigate market uncertainties.

The economic pillar involves providing technical support and introducing innovative solutions. A dedicated team, comprising 40% women, has been assembled to advise and guide the farmers. After assessing the farmers' needs, the team implemented concrete solutions, including the digitalization of monitoring tools for more efficient tracking of dairy production.

The environmental pillar emphasizes adopting regenerative practices to minimize the environmental impact of livestock farming. This involves using water-efficient forage crops, harnessing renewable energy sources, and optimizing natural resource use. Additionally, a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 has been developed.

Encouraging Results and a Vision for the Future

Despite its recent launch, Hlib Bladi is already showing promising results. According to Nathalie Alquier, President and CEO of Centrale Danone, "the results not only improve farm productivity and sustainability, but they also significantly enhance the resilience of our farmers."

An initial investment of 15 million dirhams in the program underscores Centrale Danone's strong commitment to supporting Moroccan dairy farmers. The company plans to support 10,000 small farmers across Morocco in the coming years.

Hlib Bladi aligns perfectly with the "Generation Green" plan, a national initiative to promote smart and sustainable agriculture in Morocco, contributing to the country's food sovereignty objectives. Centrale Danone's program is emerging as a model for collaboration between an agri-food company and key players in Moroccan agriculture.

Hlib Bladi is more than an aid program; it could mark a turning point for Morocco's dairy farming sector. By promoting environmentally friendly practices and investing in farmers' skill development, Centrale Danone is helping build a greener and more prosperous future for Moroccan agriculture.

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