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Unveiling Morocco's Melodious Marvels: Orange Maroc Launches 'Orange Music Talents'

Thursday 06 June 2024 - 11:50

In a dynamic move to unearth the nation's burgeoning musical prodigies, Orange Maroc has unveiled a groundbreaking contest, "Orange Music Talents." This audacious initiative aims to provide a resounding platform for Moroccan youth to showcase their artistic prowess and unleash their creative genius.

To participate in this melodious odyssey, aspiring participants must register on the official website, www.orangemusictalents.ma, or via the captivating realms of TikTok and Instagram. Candidates will be required to submit a video in which they perform an original song, meticulously crafted and composed by their own ingenious minds. These video submissions will then undergo a rigorous evaluation by an esteemed jury comprised of music industry professionals.

The contest unfolds in a series of enthralling phases. Initially, the judging panel will meticulously scrutinize the submitted videos, handpicking the 10 most exceptional candidates. These chosen few will embark on an immersive five-day artistic residency, where they will collaborate with industry veterans to record a professionally produced single. Furthermore, these ten finalists will bask in the royalties generated by the digital streaming of their musical masterpiece on a renowned music platform.

The second phase of the contest promises to be a captivating spectacle as the 10 finalists embark on a nationwide tour, enthralling audiences with their live performances. At the culmination of this exhilarating journey, the participant whose single garners the highest number of streams on the digital platform will be crowned the victor, earning the coveted opportunity to produce a visually stunning music video for their chart-topping hit.

Orange Music Talents presents an unparalleled opportunity for Morocco's musical gems to shine on the global stage and propel their careers to stratospheric heights. Through this groundbreaking initiative, Orange Maroc reaffirms its unwavering commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering the growth of the nation's vibrant music scene.

For comprehensive details on the contest and participation guidelines, please visit the official website, www.orangemusictalents.ma, or explore the dedicated social media pages.

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