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Hollywood Star Alec Baldwin Set to Face Trial for Fatal 'Rust' Shooting

Tuesday 27 February 2024 - 14:46
Hollywood Star Alec Baldwin Set to Face Trial for Fatal 'Rust' Shooting

Alec Baldwin is scheduled to stand trial in July on involuntary manslaughter charges related to the tragic on-set death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the filming of the Western movie "Rust" last October. A New Mexico judge has mandated that the Hollywood star must personally address the court for firing the prop gun that resulted in Hutchins' untimely death.

The trial, set to span nine days, is slated to commence before a Santa Fe county court on July 9th. Baldwin, aged 65, could potentially face a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison if convicted. While the specifics of how live ammunition found its way onto the set remain sparse, prosecutors argue that Baldwin should have independently verified the safety of the firearm before using it during filming.

The incident reverberated through the entertainment industry, prompting critical examination of on-set safety measures. Witnesses recount that assistant director Dave Halls had affirmed the gun as "cold" — indicating it contained no live rounds — prior to handing it to Baldwin for rehearsal. However, when Baldwin discharged the weapon, a real bullet was fired, resulting in the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the injury of director Joel Souza.

Baldwin maintains his innocence, asserting that he had been assured the gun posed no danger and was unaware of its capability to discharge a lethal round until the tragic event transpired. The upcoming trial will pivot on the question of whether Baldwin's alleged negligence directly contributed to Hutchins' avoidable demise during the ill-fated production. Against a backdrop of heightened public scrutiny, the trial is poised to unfold as a high-stakes legal confrontation.

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