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Heeding the Call for Heightened Vigilance on Moroccan Roadways During Eid Al-Adha

Friday 14 June 2024 - 15:40
Heeding the Call for Heightened Vigilance on Moroccan Roadways During Eid Al-Adha

As the joyous occasion of Eid Al-Adha approaches, the National Agency for Road Safety (NARSA) has issued a timely advisory urging motorists and commuters alike to exercise utmost caution and vigilance on the nation's roadways. Given the anticipated heavy traffic flow during this festive period, coupled with the looming threat of adverse weather conditions, NARSA's proactive measures underscore the paramount importance of road safety.

In a comprehensive communiqué, NARSA has outlined a series of recommendations aimed at ensuring a smooth and secure journey for all road users. Responding to the meteorological alert issued by the Directorate General of Meteorology, which forecasts inclement weather across several provinces, NARSA emphasizes the need for heightened vigilance due to the potential for reduced visibility or complete obscuration.

Recognizing the surge in demand for intercity public transportation during this celebratory period, NARSA implores all passengers to comply with the mandatory use of seatbelts and adhere to the established safety protocols throughout their journeys. The agency's appeal extends to drivers of various vehicle types, including private cars, taxis, public transport buses, and freight trucks. These operators bear a profound responsibility to uphold traffic regulations and exhibit patience and consideration towards fellow road users.

Moreover, NARSA stresses the importance of conducting comprehensive mechanical inspections and rigorous safety checks on vehicles before embarking on any journey. This includes scrutinizing vital components such as tires, braking systems, lighting fixtures, shock absorbers, and windshield wipers to ensure optimal functionality.

Acknowledging the potential impact of fatigue on driver alertness and reaction times, NARSA reminds motorists of the necessity for adequate rest prior to operating a vehicle. Such precautions are essential to mitigate the risks of concentration lapses, impaired distance estimation, speed perception, and diminished responsiveness behind the wheel.

For travelers, NARSA recommends meticulous journey planning, including pre-determined routes to avoid unforeseen surprises or potential hazards. Additionally, secure and balanced luggage stowage is advised, particularly for freight and passenger transport operators, as overloading poses a significant threat to the safety of fellow road users.

While on the road, NARSA encourages drivers to moderate their speed according to prevailing weather and traffic conditions, adhering strictly to traffic regulations, especially on curves, inclines, and steep roads. Maintaining a safe following distance, both within and outside urban areas, is paramount, with a particular emphasis on national highways and motorways. Furthermore, the agency underscores the importance of children under the age of ten occupying rear seats and ensuring the proper use of seatbelts for all passengers, including those aboard public transport buses.

Finally, NARSA cautions against tailgating, stressing the importance of using turn signals during overtaking maneuvers and stopping, while avoiding abrupt or erratic driving actions. Heightened vigilance is particularly crucial during nighttime hours.

By heeding NARSA's comprehensive advisory, road users can contribute to a joyous and safe Eid Al-Adha celebration, ensuring the well-being of all travelers while upholding the nation's commitment to road safety.

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