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Charting South Sudan's Path to Peace: A Call for Continental Unity

Wednesday 28 February 2024 - 10:44
Charting South Sudan's Path to Peace: A Call for Continental Unity

South Sudan has been mired in turmoil since its independence from Sudan in 2011, enduring a brutal civil war barely two years into its nationhood, which tore communities and families apart.

Although a fragile peace has held since 2018, challenges to stability persist. In a recent meeting of the AU Peace and Security Council, Morocco highlighted the need for further efforts to safeguard South Sudan's nascent democracy.

Ambassador Mohamed Arrouchi, leading the Moroccan delegation, emphasized that dialogue across ethnic and political divides is crucial for the nation's success. "We believe South Sudanese leaders can strengthen unity and uphold a sustainable path of peace," he asserted.

However, Ambassador Arrouchi cautioned that regional distractions and delays in implementing the 2018 agreement have eased pressure for decisive action. With 1.5 million internally displaced people and 2.2 million refugees, time is running out for South Sudan.

To break this cycle, Morocco urges the AU and the international community to intensify cooperation with South Sudanese authorities. Funding and support must be mobilized to meet essential pre-election milestones by the extended 2024 deadline.

Adopting a constitution, unifying armed forces, and ensuring fair elections are daunting tasks but vital to prevent a resurgence of conflict. Drawing on its experience in brokering peace across Africa, Morocco believes the continent can play a pivotal role if there is unity of purpose.

Only through constructive cooperation from all sides can South Sudan's fledgling democracy take root, offering its long-suffering people the stable future they deserve. The clock is ticking, and the AU must now heed Morocco's call for continental action.

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